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Ready, aim, Cold Fire: John Boyko, tackles shocking political intrigue with JFK, Dief and Pearson

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Roderick Benns recently interviewed acclaimed Canadian history author, John Boyko, about his new book, Cold Fire: Kennedy’s Northern Front. The movie and television rights have already been optioned for the book, coming out in February, 2016. Benns: Give us a hint about two or three things you write about in Cold Fire that may surprise Canadians and Americans alike. Boyko: ... Read More »

Seeking Stephen Harper

John Boyko.

Stephen Harper once joked that even his friends don’t like him. Despite his having been prime minister for nearly a decade, Mr. Harper left the public stage as much an enigma as when he first strode upon and then commanded it. With his legacy now being written, perhaps the best way to seek an understanding of a man who was ... Read More »

Conrad Black to lead Kingston’s Sir John A. Macdonald walk


One of Canada’s leading historians, commentators and controversial public figures will be leading a special Sir John A. Macdonald historical walking tour in Kingston in late September. Conrad Black, author of the recently acclaimed Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada, as well as biographies of Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Maurice Duplessis, has agreed to host this public event ... Read More »

Trent University launches new School For the Study of Canada

Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario.

Leading up to the 150th anniversary of Canada, Trent University has launched a new School for the Study of Canada. Arising from the collective desire of scholars and students to understand Canada in its local, regional, national, and international contexts, The School for the Study of Canada will engage students in wide ranging projects and dialogues about Canada. Led by ... Read More »

Union Station’s plaza renamed for Sir John A. Macdonald


The plaza outside Union Station has a new identity, renamed for Canada’s first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald. The newly renovated space was officially christened Sir John A. Macdonald Plaza at a recent ceremony, which was attended by dignitaries and representatives of Toronto’s Friends of Sir John A. Macdonald. A plaque was also erected in honour of Macdonald’s many accomplishments, ... Read More »

New statue unveiled in Picton to honour Sir John A. Macdonald

The head of 'John A. Macdonald" Holding Court.' The entire statue will be unveiled January 10th.

A new sculpture depicting Macdonald as a young, teenage lawyer has been unveiled in Picton, Ontario. Daryl Kramp, Member of Parliament for Prince Edward-Hastings, took part in the unveiling of a bronze statue of Macdonald that depicts him at the beginning of his career. Macdonald called the Quinte region his home for 11 years, living in Hay Bay, Napanee, Glenora ... Read More »

Mulroney given South Africa’s highest honour for his tireless effort to get Mandela released and to end apartheid

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Canada’s 18th Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, will receive South Africa’s highest honour for his tireless work in pressuring South Africa to free Nelson Mandela from prison, and to end racial segregation. Cassius Lubisi, South Africa’s chancellor of national orders, announced the recipients on the weekend. He noted in a statement that Mr. Mulroney is receiving the award “for his exceptional ... Read More »

Toronto writer brings us the facts on Canada’s Prime Ministerial history

Gary Schlee

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Gary Schlee, a journalist and corporate editor before launching Canada’s first corporate communications program at Toronto’s Centennial College. Schlee’s Canadian Prime Ministers: Date Book website is focused on bringing hundreds of facts on Canada’s prime ministers to Canadians. Now retired, he serves on several not-for-profit boards and continues to write and consult. He was named a Master ... Read More »

Historical Thinking Summer Institute to attract history lovers to Vancouver in July

History Key Means Past Or Old Days

The Historical Thinking Summer Institute will take place July 6-11 in Vancouver, BC. It is offered through UBC’s Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness, in collaboration with the Museum of Vancouver, where the Institute will be held. It is designed for teachers, graduate students, curriculum developers and museum educators who want to enhance their expertise at designing and teaching ... Read More »