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B.C., Nature Conservancy, cooperate to ensure protection of sensitive lands


The Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Government of British Columbia have partnered to ensure the continued protection of several ecologically-sensitive properties formerly owned by The Land Conservancy of BC. These high-priority properties contain some of the most biodiverse habitats in B.C., and are home to a wide variety of wildlife. In October, the Province assumed ownership of the following ... Read More »

Rescue Our Wetlands campaign will address Canadians’ concerns about water, wildlife, environment


If Canada’s wetlands were a political party, they should get a majority government in the upcoming federal election, according to Ducks Unlimited Canada. Wetlands clean the water supply, are critical habitat for wildlife, help mitigate climate change, provide flood and drought protection for our communities, and are perfect natural spaces for recreation and learning opportunities. The problem is, most Canadians aren’t ... Read More »

Niagara Conservation Authority launches award, scholarship in PM John Turner’s name

The Right Honourable John Turner.

Canada’s 17th Prime Minister will be in Niagara-on-the-Lake on Sept. 24 to help launch the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s (NPCA) inaugural Rt. Hon. John Turner Water & Environmental Leadership Award. The award will be handed out annually to an individual, group or business who has demonstrated leadership in promoting or improving water and the environment within the NPCA’s watershed. Net proceeds ... Read More »

Former PM Turner says Canada’s water supply should be priority for environmental protection

The Right Honourable John Turner.

The ongoing problem of drought in the United States means that Canada needs to stay vigilant in environmental policy, says former Canadian Prime Minister John Turner. In a sweeping interview with Leaders and Legacies from his summer home in Kenora, situated on Canada’s storied Lake of the Woods, Mr. Turner sounded wary about the situation in the U.S. “Arkansas, California…and ... Read More »

Michael Meighen honored with top salmon conservation award

Michael Meighen 300 dpi

The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) presented retired Senator Michael Meighen with the T.B “Happy” Fraser Award, the organization’s highest honour recently at dinner in Toronto held in his honour.  The award has been presented annually since 1975 in memory of T.B. “Happy” Fraser to an individual who has made outstanding, long-term contributions to wild Atlantic salmon conservation. Meighen first joined ... Read More »

Expert Panel finds ‘annoyance’ is only adverse health effect from wind turbine noise


A new expert panel report, Assessing the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise, released today by the Council of Canadian Academies provides an in-depth examination of 32 potential adverse health effects linked to wind turbine noise. For most of the identified symptoms, the evidence is inadequate to draw a direct link between wind turbine noise and a negative health effect. However, there is ... Read More »

One in 5 Australian households now using solar energy for their homes

Renewable energy word cloud

One out of every five Australian households are turning to solar energy for their electricity or hot water, new data has reveled. RenewEconomy in Australia reports that the Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS) shows that 19 per cent of households nationally now currently use either rooftop solar panels or solar powered hot water systems – up from about 5 per ... Read More »

Annette Verschuren is the CEO of energy storage company NRStor. Interviewed by Brenna Atnikov. Atnikov: What keeps you up at night? Verschuren: The discussion of the economy versus the environment. We’re never going to create innovation if we polarize ourselves on these two issues. Why can’t we both add value to our industries and take greater responsibility for managing our natural resources? ...

We must grow our capacity to do great things together: Roger Gibbins


Roger Gibbins is senior fellow at the Canada West Foundation. Interviewed by Monica Pohlmann. Pohlmann: What concerns you about Canada these days? Gibbins: We’re losing our sense of community in terms of the country as a whole. Many people feel that, if you’ve got a great local community and you have a rapid rail line to an international airport, that’s all ... Read More »