Get to Know Us


What this news site is

Leaders and Legacies is a social purpose news site meant to advocate for progressive social policies. Our focus is on healthy communities, including persistent support for a basic income guarantee. We believe that all of the social determinants of health are crucial to creating a better society. That’s why we also support dialogue on improved income and income distribution, indigenous issues, education, food security, and related issues.

We believe that strong leadership is crucial from a grassroots level, and at political and business levels. That is why the progressive voices of Canada’s former prime ministers, premiers, CEOs, mayors, and other community level leaders have been sought by Leaders and Legacies to shape these issues.

Who it is for

Leaders and Legacies is for those Canadians interested in a stronger Canada, with vibrant communities and healthier outcomes for all citizens, including indigenous Canadians who have been left behind for too long. It is for all those who are interested in leadership as a powerful force for positive change.

Who We Are

Roderick Benns is the publisher and founder of Leaders and Legacies. He is also the owner of Fireside Publishing House, creator of the young prime ministers book series that has captured national media attention for its focus on increasing Canadian youths’ historical literacy.

An award-winning journalist and entrepreneur, Roderick’s work is now focused on helping like-minded organizations grow and prosper through stakeholder news programs.