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Progressives must define the basic income we want

Until recently, Canadian austerity proponents have not paid a lot of attention to basic income. But now that governments are taking it up, things are changing. The one influential study from the right, the Fraser Institute Report (January 2015), has become a major resource for conservative policy analysts appearing in the media these days. They are repeatedly defining basic income ... Read More »

Let’s end the unhelpful micromanagement of people’s lives with basic income

Basic income is meant to end micromanagement of people’s lives. It removes all state control, distributing the income without conditions (apart from some residency requirement) and regardless of work status. Autonomy and dignity via freedom from state oversight are essential aspects of basic income design. While there are those who see a competition between basic income and livable wages, basic income ... Read More »

Basic income guarantee and healthy minimum wage go hand in hand, says retired professor

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Toni Pickard about basic income policy. Pickard was a law professor at Queen’s University before she retired and is now the co-founder of the Kingston Action Group for a Basic Income Guarantee.  Benns: We hear often that basic income could replace the need for higher minimum wages. Many point out that with the scarcity of jobs, a better minimum wage will ... Read More »

Basic income guarantee group in Kingston tackles issue one kitchen table at a time

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Toni Pickard, coordinator of Kingston Action Group, which supports a basic income guarantee for Canadians. Benns: How long has the Kingston Action Group for Basic Income Guarantee been around, and are there other social issues which you advocate for? Pickard: In November of 2013, the co-founder of the group and I each invited a few people to ... Read More »