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City of Belleville joins Kingston, Cornwall, in municipal push for basic income

Calling it “good social policy,” Councillor Garnet Thompson has recently sparked the City of Belleville to endorse a basic income guarantee proposal. Less than a month ago, the City of Kingston became the first municipality in Canada to call for the development of a basic income guarantee for all Canadians. Its council unanimously passed a motion calling for a national ... Read More »

Calgary, Edmonton and P.E.I. ready to host basic income projects

Trying to support a family while holding down several part-time jobs. Accepting short-term contracts without benefits. Working full time but earning wages so low your annual income falls below the poverty line. Trying to survive month to month on inadequate unemployment insurance or social assistance payments. This is what life is like for many Canadians. Unfortunately, the numbers of financially ... Read More »

Good Jobs Forum in Canada’s auto capital tackles issue of community health

In 1991, Oshawa, Ontario had the lowest income inequality among all Canadian cities, along with the best community health profile. But a faculty of social sciences and humanities assistant professor, Toba Bryant, says this has been in freefall for some time, especially because of the deterioration of the auto sector and good quality jobs that have suffered along with it. ... Read More »