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Kingston woman says Canada spends more money managing poverty than it would cost to eliminate it

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Tara Kainer, a long-time anti-poverty advocate, about basic income guarantee policy. Tara Kainer grew up talking about social justice issues around the dinner table. In the 1950s, when she was a small child, her family lived in Tennessee where segregation was still in place and poverty, especially in the rural areas, was extreme. Because her mother ... Read More »

Basic income should be a core value, like health care: Michael Clague

Michael Clague grew up as a middle class boy in Vancouver, B.C. in the 1940s. He was fortunate, he says, because he never had to experience poverty firsthand. Given that his father was a school principal in an east Vancouver school, though, he did encounter a number of people who came from families with low incomes. But it wasn’t until ... Read More »

Saskatchewan takes ‘the most serious, official look at basic income’ in Canada in decades

From the province that brought the concept of Medicare to millions of Canadians, Saskatchewan’s progressive policy credentials are being tested yet again in the form of basic income policy. The Advisory Group on Poverty Reduction – formed by the conservative Saskatchewan Party led by Canada’s most popular Premier, Brad Wall — recently recommended that the provincial government implement a basic ... Read More »