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Top Mincome director says Canadian basic income advocates should act fast

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Ron Hikel, the executive director of the well-known Mincome project in Dauphin, Manitoba. It was a program that ran from from 1974 through 1978 which helped establish a minimum income for about a third of the people who lived there. Hikel was also the former deputy minister of health in Manitoba, and was deputy chief of staff ... Read More »

Food insecurity and the promise of a basic income guarantee

I’ve been studying the issue of food insecurity for over 20 years. Food insecurity refers to the state in which people can’t afford to buy healthy, culturally appropriate and personally acceptable food to feed themselves or their families. It is a serious public health concern, affecting over 4 million Canadians including about 1.15 million children. It is clearly a symptom of poverty. ... Read More »

A basic income guarantee: Time to separate work from having a secure income

One of the biggest worries about adopting a Basic Income Guarantee in Canada is its so-called ‘work disincentive.’ We have all grown up believing that in order to eat, to be housed, to be secure, we must work. And who has not thought that there is a linear relationship between work effort and well-being? This correlation is now untrue, if ... Read More »

President of AMO, Tecumseh mayor, says time to be bold and support basic income

The mayor of Tecumseh, Ontario, who also serves as president of the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO), says it’s time to be bold and fight poverty with a basic income guarantee, not continue to “tinker at the edges.” Mayor Gary McNamara, who recently led Tecumseh Town Council to support a basic income guarantee motion, says he is glad to see ... Read More »

City of Peterborough councillor ready to adopt basic income motion

As the City of Peterborough considers whether to support a basic income guarantee, at least one councillor is ready to offer her support right now. Councillor Diane Therrien, known for her support of many social justice issues, is also the facilitator of community education and engagement with the Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network. “I’m happy to support basic income policy,” she ... Read More »

The Basic Income ‘What’s in it for me’ Series: Employed people

In this series, we examine the value of a basic income guarantee to various sectors of society. In today’s column, we look at three reasons why it’s a great policy idea even for people who already have jobs. A basic income should be Canada’s next great social program. Even if you are a fully employed person, there are many reasons ... Read More »

Peterborough County Council supports basic income resolution

The County of Peterborough has endorsed a resolution first kick-started by Kingston, Ontario, to support the development of a basic income guarantee for Canadians. The County is the upper tier level of municipal government and is composed of eight lower tier municipalities. Ontario’s Peterborough County is a mix of agriculture, urban life and lakeside cottages, along with wilderness areas in ... Read More »

Cornwall City Council endorses basic income proposal

Often called the poorest city in Ontario, the City of Cornwall in eastern Ontario has passed a motion endorsing basic income guarantee policy. Less than a month ago, the City of Kingston became the first municipality in Canada to call for the development of a basic income guarantee for all Canadians. Its council unanimously passed a motion calling for a ... Read More »