Local economies would benefit from basic income policy: Victoria mayor

The mayor says she will continue to advocate and speak out about basic income and other issues that prevent economic prosperity for all people.

The concept of basic income is talked about in many cities around the globe. Universal basic income comes with many advantages such as a welfare system that is transparent, an efficient administration, reduction or eradication of poverty. Basic income also promotes freedom to do whatever you want and whenever you want. Basic income is also said to increase the economic growth of a city.

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“I work to pass motions to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. I focus on local economic development strategies. I also believe in creating social enterprises so that we can generate revenue and create a social good at the same time.”

Reliable, basic income would lead to better self-worth and a better life: Thunder Bay mayor

About 17,000 people live in low-income situations in Thunder Bay, the mayor says, and “a basic income would help with their needs.”

Basic income ensures social justice and equal opportunities for all. It is a moral choice put forward to all. Basic income also assures that every citizen is given enough money to live above the poverty line, thus adding self-esteem and worth to all equally. Additionally, providing a basic income will also alleviate the social conditions of that state.

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Housing First

Just as important as basic income is being housed, according to the mayor.

“Homelessness is a big issue in Thunder Bay,” says the mayor, and they want to move to a ‘Housing First’ model as soon as possible.

Federal election would be a great time to have a discussion about basic income, says Saskatoon mayor

After Calgary’s Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he was in favor of it at a national poverty conference, this was picked up by Leaders and Legacies and then later by national media. Edmonton’s Mayor Don Iveson also announced strong support for the initiative.

Basic income assures the basic requirements that every citizen needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. This topic when discussed during election times would assure the people who vote the essentials will be distributed efficiently. Moreover, basic income from the state guarantees welfare for the future as well. It also helps in improving the capitalism and democracy of the state by ensuring that all its citizens have a minimum voice to raise their opinions.

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“The federal election would be a good place to have these discussions,” says Atchison, although he noted a municipality has other responsibilities to deal with, from police and fire services, to waste management issues and more.

Basic income guarantee and healthy minimum wage go hand in hand, says retired professor

Even the Canadian government’s power is limited. No government, no matter how creative and caring its policies, can stop the progress of globalization and automation. What’s needed is for them all, federal, provincial and municipal, to take a clear-eyed look at the impact of those forces in order to find ways to buffer us against the damage they will continue to inflict.

Moreover, basic income will not reduce the number of people who are willing to work. The total number of unemployed people in the country is on the rise. People are also ready to work without being paid just for the sake of earning an experience in the hopes of getting a better job. The unpaid internship programmes conducted by several organizations is also a kind of example that can be used to illustrate this. Thus, setting a basic income will definitely not hollow out the labor force, rather will only motivate people to work.

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Ottawa man says a basic income guarantee would have changed the trajectory of his life

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Segal says if Liberals put basic income in platform, it will force rivals to respond

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Ontario’s association of health units green lights basic income as policy

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Second prominent Conservative speaks out in favour of basic income pilot projects

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