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School Principals: Effective Leaders Within Communities

Over the years, I have spoken to large groups of principals both across Canada and internationally. I continue to be amazed at the calibre of people who take on the challenge of becoming school administrators. They demonstrate the highest levels of character and professionalism. For the most part, they are values-driven individuals who possess integrity, courage and optimism and who ... Read More »

Lord Tweedsmuir: Governor General Embraced Canadian Diversity Ahead of His Time

On September 21, 1936, Governor General Lord Tweedsmuir told Ukrainian-Canadians in Fraserwood, Manitoba, that “people with traditions as strong as yours will be all the better Canadians if you are good Ukrainians.” On the same trip, he told Icelandic-Canadians at Gimli, Manitoba, much the same thing. His appreciation of Canadian multiculturalism was well in advance of its time. He loved ... Read More »

King Was a Steady Influence for Canada

More than a dozen biographies of Canada’s longest-serving prime minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, have appeared since his death in 1950. Likely in an attempt to be balanced, the volumes come across as rather strangely ambivalent. Given credit as a political strategist, King is referred to as a person “with a style noted for its compromises.” He is said to have ... Read More »

Building a Civil Society: Education as Liberation

Leaders and Legacies is happy to announce that world-renowned educator, Dr. Avis Glaze, is now a regular columnist. Dr. Glaze will be writing about important issues in education in the coming months. Educating all children to a high level, regardless of background factors, is the number one mandate for those entering the teaching profession today. We often hear that we must raise ... Read More »

Black History Month Still Needed

One of the most recognized and celebrated actors of our time, Morgan Freeman, questions the necessity of a Black History Month. “I don’t want a Black History Month…black history is American history,” Mr. Freeman is quoted as saying. One can assume that he would also apply these comments equally to Canada – that black history is Canadian history and therefore ... Read More »

Stories and Leadership: Kitchener Prime Ministers Project About More than Statues

It has been widely reported that a group in Kitchener, which includes Dave Caputo, Jim Rodger and Pierre Sandor, has proposed the creation of 22 statues commemorating all 22 prime ministers of Canada. The statues are suggested for placement in Victoria Park, this city’s signature park land. There has been tremendous support for the project, with more than $1 million ... Read More »

Time for a Bennett Statue on Parliament Hill

On Parliament Hill stands silent, dignified testament to a number of Canadians whose greatness earned them the gratitude of a people. The statues remind us and tell visitors of who we are, what we value and that which we aspire to be. They tell our story. But there is one man, one leader, absent from the hill whose achievements and ... Read More »

Arthur Meighen: The Unlucky Prime Minister

Few Canadians know the name Arthur Meighen. It is an odd and unlucky fact of our historical memory. We remember the prime ministers who lasted – King, Laurier, Macdonald, Trudeau. We remember an eccentric stand-out like Diefenbaker, and the ones whose signature policies shaped Canada, like Mulroney with free trade (and the GST) and Pearson with universal  health care. Not ... Read More »

Welcome to Leaders and Legacies

My earliest political memory was when I was eight years old, in the spring of 1979. My father, not a political animal by any stretch of the imagination, was casually watching the federal election results roll in. It was past my bedtime but I remember begging my parents to let me stay up to finish watching the battle that pitted ... Read More »