Bitcoin Selling By Three Different Methods         

Bitcoin Selling By Three Different Methods                                               

The digital currency called Bitcoin is created by using the encrypted software. There is a number of ways to buy, sell and to trade the new form of currency. We will see about different methods to sell the bitcoin as follows:

1) By using Bitcoin exchange platform

  1. a) Select the bitcoin exchange platform

Here the exchange websites for the bitcoin act as a middleman to sell your bitcoin. This is the best method for the selling of bitcoin and to avoid the scams you select the bitcoin websites listed and the transaction fees will be around 1%.

  1. b) Sign in to the platform

When you are going to use the platform which is new then you have to follow the instructions in the websites for signing an account. You have to provide the proof ID for signing an account.

  1. c) Link bank account and bitcoin wallet

The digital address is created by the bitcoin wallet through which you can receive or send the money. By providing the bank transit number and the account number make a link to the bank account.

  1. d) Create a list to sell bitcoin

Choose the wallet and you have to mention the amount of bitcoin you want to sell. When there is a completion of the transaction funds will be transferred into your account.

  1. e) Review and make approve the offer

An email alert will be sent to you when an investor is ready to buy your bitcoin. Make a review and accept that deal if you are convinced. But you may receive the fund only after several days.

2) Direct bitcoin sales

  1. a) Sales around the family and friends

This is the simple exchange method to arrange the sale of bitcoin with the family and in friends circle. Send the bitcoin through your exchange platform through the mail address. But the individuals should have their own bitcoin wallet for the transaction.

  1. b) Direct trading websites

By this method, there will not be the involvement of the third party. Select the direct online for the trading by seeing the reviews in the bitcoin websites.

  1. C) Purchase of gift card by using bitcoin online

This is not a traditional sale but to unload the cryptocurrency. Select the well-established gift card exchange sites.

3) Bitcoin selling in person

  1. a) Find the bitcoin ATM near your location

There are numerous ATM centers are there to purchase the cryptocurrency. There are different types of a machine located in different places and there is an active fee.

  1. b) Sell bitcoin to a local meet up

Arrange the meeting of the individuals who are interested in the digital currency and you can approach them to sell your bitcoin.







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