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Welcome to Leaders and Legacies

My earliest political memory was when I was eight years old, in the spring of 1979. My father, not a political animal by any stretch of the imagination, was casually watching the federal election results roll in. It was past my bedtime but I remember begging my parents to let me stay up to finish watching the battle that pitted ... Read More »

Canadian Historical Destination: Mackenzie King Estate

Leaders and Legacies recently interviewed Allison Eagen, program officer at Gatineau Park, about the importance of Mackenzie King Estate to Canada. About 60,000 people visit the historical estate each year. L & L: What is it about William Lyon Mackenzie King that draws people to learn more about him? I think that there are several aspects of King’s life and ... Read More »

Michael Meighen recalls the formidable man who was twice Canada’s Prime Minister

Retired senator reflects on his grandfather, former Prime Minister Arthur Meighen     “I have spent 60 years of my life watching Parliament and I have had the privilege of knowing every Canadian Prime Minister from Sir Wilfrid Laurier to Mr. Trudeau. And I say here without the least qualification that in intellectual grandeur, Meighen had no superior in Parliament, ... Read More »

Paul Martin’s ‘Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program’ Embraced by Northern Alberta School

“I feel thankful that Mr. Martin would bring something like this that helps benefit and grow our whole community.” – Landon McLeod, Grade 11 student By Roderick Benns pportunities exist everywhere, if you know where to look for them. Four hours north of Edmonton, Alberta, that’s what high school students are learning at Mistassiniy School after more than a year of ... Read More »