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Broadbent says it is ‘laughable’ to think that poverty can’t be eliminated in a country as rich as Canada

Calling poverty “a choice that we make,” Alan Broadbent called it laughable to say that a country as rich and privileged as Canada cannot choose to end poverty. Broadbent, who co-founded and chairs the Caledon Institute of Social Policy and Tamarack Institute, was speaking at the National Poverty Reduction Summit, hosted by Tamarack and Vibrant Communities Canada. Broadbent didn’t mince ... Read More »

Historic poverty reduction summit brings thought leaders and advocates together from across Canada

In the aftermath of last night’s historic election in Alberta, in which anything seemed possible, a national summit on poverty reduction was buoyed by a sense of change and possibility in Ottawa today. The National Poverty Reduction Summit, hosted by the Tamarack Institute and Vibrant Communities Canada, is hosting representatives from across Canada in an unparalleled gathering of thought leaders ... Read More »

World’s top mayor, Senator Art Eggleton, others, to speak about inequality at national summit

Calgary’s Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who was recently awarded the 2014 World Mayor Prize, will address 370 provincial, territorial and municipal leaders at a national summit dedicated to reducing poverty in Canada. The Poverty Reduction Summit taking place in Ottawa from May 6-8, will bring together representatives from every Province and Territory around the vision of reducing poverty for one million ... Read More »

Poverty reduction: Getting the big things right

Canada stands poised at a threshold of poverty reduction. Representatives from every province and territory, and over 100 cities are headed to Ottawa for the Poverty Reduction Summit in early May to share ideas on how to reduce poverty. The province, territories and cities are all engaged in either strategies they have developed and implemented, or are in the process ... Read More »

Goodbye welfare, hello basic income

We have built something exceptional here in Canada, despite coming of age besides the world’s most powerful nation. Yet as similar as we are to the U.S., we take great pride in our differences. We differentiate ourselves in many ways, from our parliamentary system of government, to our more egalitarian point of view, and through our emphasis on social programs ... Read More »

Reimagining Schools as Community Hubs

Alan Broadbent and Elisabeth McIsacc of Maytree Foundation argue that it’s time to start thinking of schools as integral community hubs. Reimagining schools as community hubs is a sharp and practical idea that surfaced in recent consultations Maytree hosted on how to reduce poverty in Toronto. We heard from a wide range of thought leaders about the levers available for change in ... Read More »

Segal ‘delighted’ that PEI gets all-party endorsement for basic income guarantee

Canada’s smallest province might just be the first to go BIG – and Hugh Segal couldn’t be happier. After all party leaders in Prince Edward Island endorsed a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) program recently as a poverty reduction strategy, there is optimism that the long-sought-after program might just become a reality. “I am delighted to hear this news,” Segal, the ... Read More »

Whether you’re left or right, Hugh Segal believes a basic income guarantee just makes good sense

Hugh Segal is the Master of Massey College. He is also a Canadian political strategist, author, commentator, academic, and former Conservative senator. He served as chief of staff to Ontario Premier Bill Davis and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Segal is a former Vice-Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Urban Poverty and has promoted a basic income guarantee since 1969. There’s a reason ... Read More »