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Expert Panel finds ‘annoyance’ is only adverse health effect from wind turbine noise


A new expert panel report, Assessing the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise, released today by the Council of Canadian Academies provides an in-depth examination of 32 potential adverse health effects linked to wind turbine noise. For most of the identified symptoms, the evidence is inadequate to draw a direct link between wind turbine noise and a negative health effect. However, there is ... Read More »

One in 5 Australian households now using solar energy for their homes

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One out of every five Australian households are turning to solar energy for their electricity or hot water, new data has reveled. RenewEconomy in Australia reports that the Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS) shows that 19 per cent of households nationally now currently use either rooftop solar panels or solar powered hot water systems – up from about 5 per ... Read More »

Annette Verschuren is the CEO of energy storage company NRStor. Interviewed by Brenna Atnikov. Atnikov: What keeps you up at night? Verschuren: The discussion of the economy versus the environment. We’re never going to create innovation if we polarize ourselves on these two issues. Why can’t we both add value to our industries and take greater responsibility for managing our natural resources? ...

We must grow our capacity to do great things together: Roger Gibbins


Roger Gibbins is senior fellow at the Canada West Foundation. Interviewed by Monica Pohlmann. Pohlmann: What concerns you about Canada these days? Gibbins: We’re losing our sense of community in terms of the country as a whole. Many people feel that, if you’ve got a great local community and you have a rapid rail line to an international airport, that’s all ... Read More »

We must encourage more entrepreneurship and innovation: Vancity CEO

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Tamara Vrooman is the president and CEO of Vancity. Interviewed by Monica Pohlmann. Pohlmann: What has shaped your perspective? Vrooman: I started out as a public servant, mostly because I was interested in how decisions and laws were made, and why some were made in what appeared to be the favour of certain sectors and not others. I learned that finance is at ... Read More »

Business is the most powerful force in our society right now: Armine Yalnizyan


Armine Yalnizyan is senior economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Interviewed by Monica Pohlmann. Pohlmann: What keeps you up at night? Yalnizyan: The way we are transforming our views about immigration in Canada. In the coming decades, nation states will be competing to attract people, not just capital. Population aging is occurring in all advanced industrialized nations. Without newcomers, the Canadian ... Read More »

‘You can’t take more out of a natural system than goes back into it.': An interview with Preston Manning


Preston Manning is the President of the Manning Centre for Democracy and is the former leader of the Reform Party of Canada. Interviewed by Brenna Atnikov Atnikov: When you look at Canada, what’s got your attention? Manning: I’d like Canada to be the best governed democracy in the world, with the strongest economy and the highest quality of life. One way to strengthen ... Read More »

Don’t demonize fossil fuels — carbon pollution is the problem: Mark Jaccard


Mark Jaccard is a professor of sustainable energy at Simon Fraser University in B.C. Interviewed by Monica Pohlmann. Pohlmann: What concerns you about Canada these days? Jaccard: Our current federal government and its rapid expansion of fossil fuel industries is unconscionable. There’s an unwillingness to take on the powerful forces that make a lot of money from this endeavour. The thing is, ... Read More »