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  1. The only thing that the extra 500$ a month invasive income for disabled people on ODSP is worth replacing and no longer administer is for the special diet allowance that needs a long over do of getting caught up with inflation.

    Anything and everything that’s under Mandatory special necessity needs to be left as is at the ODSP administrations for medical supply and medical transportation.

    As for (those working casual time because that’s all they can handle) the 200$/month exemption, employment start up and training benefit, work related benefit and employment transitional benefit; they should all be merged into one benefit similar to what BC’s ODSP: PWD has set up at first 9600$/year in job earning untouched meaning you can very well just earn 9599$ in one month of a callendar year and not earn anything the rest of the callendar year and still receive the expected monthly checques on ODSP an ODSP recipient / BIGD would normally get.

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