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Nenshi to try to partner with other mayors to push for basic income

By Roderick Benns

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi will focus on building support for a basic income guarantee with other mayors across Canada.

Nenshi made headlines earlier this month at the National Poverty Reduction Summit in Ottawa when he called for “brave steps” in the fight against inequality. He vowed to take leadership on pushing for a basic income guarantee.

Now, Leaders and Legacies has learned through Nenshi’s communications adviser, Daorcey Le Bray, that the mayor seems intent on building support for a basic income guarantee through his fellow mayors from across Canada.

“Although he spoke about it (basic income) during the speech, we’re going to wait for another time to start really banging the drum on this, likely in partnership with other mayors,” says Le Bray in an email exchange with Leaders and Legacies.

Le Bray says while there is no formal campaign at this time, “the mayor will continue to raise this issue with colleagues from across the country.”

Speaking to a capacity crowd at the poverty reduction summit earlier this month, Nenshi said that it’s up to Canada’s mayors to take leadership on important issues, like reducing poverty.

“The frustrating thing is that we know what the answers are.”

Bringing up the idea of a guaranteed annual income (or basic income guarantee) – and noting that this is just an extension of the Child Tax Credit, except that it would be for all Canadians who might drop below the poverty line – he called for courage from politicians to take steps to deal with poverty.



  1. Heather Brooks-Hill

    Recently heard Guy Standing in Toronto at SPUR Festival – very inspirational!

  2. Roderick Benns

    I was there, too, Heather. It was indeed inspirational! I am reading A Precariat Charter right now and it’s great.

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