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Leaders and Legacies, Basic Income Canada Network join forces against inequality

Leaders and Legacies and Basic Income Canada Network will work more closely together in the coming months to bring news, stories, interviews, advocacy, and information on the benefits of a basic income for all Canadians. The Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) is a voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan organization that originated in 2008 in affiliation with Basic Income Earth Network at the ... Read More »

Good Jobs Forum in Canada’s auto capital tackles issue of community health

In 1991, Oshawa, Ontario had the lowest income inequality among all Canadian cities, along with the best community health profile. But a faculty of social sciences and humanities assistant professor, Toba Bryant, says this has been in freefall for some time, especially because of the deterioration of the auto sector and good quality jobs that have suffered along with it. ... Read More »

Everyone should benefit from the prosperity of a society: Jonathan Brun

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Jonathan Brun about a basic income guarantee. Brun is a metallurgical engineer by training, and has actively built various internet companies. He has worked with the Basic Income Canada Network to advocate for this issue in his home province of Quebec. Benns: How did you come to be involved in this issue? What makes you advocate ... Read More »

Canadians would be happier, healthier, and more engaged with a basic income guarantee: Julia Endicott

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Julia Endicott about her advocacy for a basic income guarantee. Endicott is a first year Bachelor of Education student at Queen’s University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Waterloo and a Masters of Chemistry from the University of Toronto.  Benns: From what perspective do you approach this issue? And, how did you ... Read More »

Basic income guarantee: scrutinizing the link between work and pay and reassessing the value of unpaid work

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Luc Gosselin, a member of Basic Income Earth Network, and a member of France’s Mouvement français pour le revenu de base, about a basic income guarantee.  Benns: How did you come to be involved in this issue? Gosselin: It’s the last stage in a mental voyage that started with an aphorism I coined when a teenager: Il n’y a ... Read More »

Basic income and ‘consensual capitalism’: an interview with Tim Ellis

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Tim Ellis about a basic income guarantee. Ellis is a writer, producer, and communications consultant living in Toronto, Ontario. He serves on the executive committee of the NDP in his riding, and also leads the communications team for Basic Income Canada Network. Views expressed here are his own. Benns: How did you come to be involved ... Read More »

Scott Brison won’t discount basic income guarantee; says other programs can also help with inequality

One of the federal Liberal Party’s key spokespersons on economic issues, Scott Brison, says his party won’t discount the idea of implementing a basic income guarantee, but says there are other tools at a government’s disposal for addressing inequality. The Liberal Member of Parliament for Kings-Hants in Nova Scotia, Brison also serves as the Liberals’ critic for finance and national ... Read More »

Basic income guarantee group in Kingston tackles issue one kitchen table at a time

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Toni Pickard, coordinator of Kingston Action Group, which supports a basic income guarantee for Canadians. Benns: How long has the Kingston Action Group for Basic Income Guarantee been around, and are there other social issues which you advocate for? Pickard: In November of 2013, the co-founder of the group and I each invited a few people to ... Read More »

Broadbent says Maytree will explore a rights-based approach to inequality

It’s time to take a rights-based approach to inequality, according to Alan Broadbent, chairman and founder of Maytree and co-founder of the Caledon Institute of Social Policy. Signalling this is the path that Maytree — a private Canadian charitable foundation committed to reducing inequality in Canada — will soon explore, Broadbent says “one has to ask if governments are doing ... Read More »

Welfare must go — and should be replaced by a basic income guarantee: Basic Income Canada chair

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Sheila Regehr, chair of the Basic Income Canada Network, about a basic income guarantee for Canadians. Benns: Based on what we’ve learned in Dauphin, Manitoba and in some international lessons, if the federal government were to try a basic income guarantee experiment again — perhaps in a few centres in Canada — what should they consider about their site ... Read More »