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John A. Macdonald would have supported a Basic Income policy

If there’s one thing Prime Minister John A. Macdonald could do exceptionally well, it was to recognize where the political winds were blowing. That’s not a criticism. The most able of politicians help move societies where they actually want to go anyway. Leaders and governments merely ensure a smooth transition, if they are doing their jobs well. As we get ... Read More »

Time to start treating our own citizens as well as we do corporations: Hugh Segal

A former Canadian Conservative senator, Hugh Segal, says it’s time to start treating Canadian citizens as well as corporations. Segal, who has spent over 40 years in pursuit of a basic income guarantee policy for Canadians, says the nature of work is shifting and governments need to respond. A basic income would see any Canadian who falls below the poverty ... Read More »

Renowned economist says ‘the Precariat’ is an entirely new class of people – and it wants to eliminate itself

The combination of people in short-term and contract jobs and those in other precarious work and living situations, has grown into a massive new class of people. Named ‘the Precariat’ by renowned economist Guy Standing, he says it is the only class of people in the history of the world that wants to eliminate itself. Speaking in Toronto recently to ... Read More »