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John A. Macdonald would have supported a Basic Income policy

If there’s one thing Prime Minister John A. Macdonald could do exceptionally well, it was to recognize where the political winds were blowing. That’s not a criticism. The most able of politicians help move societies where they actually want to go anyway. Leaders and governments merely ensure a smooth transition, if they are doing their jobs well. As we get ... Read More »

Conrad Black to lead Kingston’s Sir John A. Macdonald walk

One of Canada’s leading historians, commentators and controversial public figures will be leading a special Sir John A. Macdonald historical walking tour in Kingston in late September. Conrad Black, author of the recently acclaimed Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada, as well as biographies of Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Maurice Duplessis, has agreed to host this public event ... Read More »

New statue unveiled in Picton to honour Sir John A. Macdonald

A new sculpture depicting Macdonald as a young, teenage lawyer has been unveiled in Picton, Ontario. Daryl Kramp, Member of Parliament for Prince Edward-Hastings, took part in the unveiling of a bronze statue of Macdonald that depicts him at the beginning of his career. Macdonald called the Quinte region his home for 11 years, living in Hay Bay, Napanee, Glenora ... Read More »

Macdonald-Mowat House Needs Funding Help on John A’s 200th Birthday

Sir John A. Macdonald has a significant connection to the City of Toronto. In the year of his 200th birthday, a local group is reaching out for funding help for the Toronto home he used to live in. Defeated in the election of 1874, Macdonald decided to move to Toronto with his family to fix his life, his health and his ... Read More »

Activities at Bellevue House celebrate John A. Macdonald at 200

To celebrate Sir John A. Macdonald’s 200th birthday, the Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, invites Canadians to visit Bellevue House National Historic Site for special celebrations this month. As a Father of Confederation and Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald is one of the most influential political figures in Canada’s history. ... Read More »

Canada’s Long Steel Rail and the Marriage of History and Geography

Historian John Boyko is writing a series of letters to Canada based on Gordon Lightfoot songs. In this installment, he tackles Lightfoot’s iconic song, The Canadian Railroad Trilogy. Dear Canada, It’s been said that you have too little history and too much geography. It’s a nice quip but the first part just speaks of too many bad history teachers convincing ... Read More »

Unveiling Ruth Abernethy’s Holding Court at Sir John A. Macdonald’s 200th Birthday

Ruth Abernethy’s bronze portrait of John A. Macdonald Holding Court will be unveiled January 10 at a celebratory dinner in Toronto honouring the first prime minister on his 200th birthday. The sculpture, an initiative of the Macdonald Project of Prince Edward County, will reside in downtown Picton. It captures the moment when Canada’s future prime minister presented his first court case ... Read More »

Agnes Macdonald: The First Wife

Agnes. Agnes the good, the care-taker, the preserver of him who was the hero, the arranger of domestic order and calm, the sayer of prayers. Agnes of God. Agnes the shrew, the nay-sayer, the destroyer of all fun, the abstainer from booze (though he liked it), the enforcer of rules. Agnes the moralizer. Agnes of sourness and boredom. Who was ... Read More »