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Poverty reduction: Getting the big things right

Canada stands poised at a threshold of poverty reduction. Representatives from every province and territory, and over 100 cities are headed to Ottawa for the Poverty Reduction Summit in early May to share ideas on how to reduce poverty. The province, territories and cities are all engaged in either strategies they have developed and implemented, or are in the process ... Read More »

Goodbye welfare, hello basic income

We have built something exceptional here in Canada, despite coming of age besides the world’s most powerful nation. Yet as similar as we are to the U.S., we take great pride in our differences. We differentiate ourselves in many ways, from our parliamentary system of government, to our more egalitarian point of view, and through our emphasis on social programs ... Read More »

Healthy cities need ongoing federal investment: Anne Golden

Anne Golden is the former CEO of the Conference Board of Canada. Interviewed by Adam Kahane. Kahane: What is going on in Canada that you think needs attention? Golden: Two forces are transforming the world, globalization and urbanization. Both focus on cities. By globalization, I mean all of the changes that have been facilitated by the technology revolution, including the restructuring of ... Read More »