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DiNovo says Basic Income must work in tandem with new workplace standards

Fifty years ago, MPP Cheri DiNovo’s father was involved with the Basic Income movement in Canada. That shows the longevity of an idea that has refused to die, she says, as Ontario and other jurisdictions in Canada and around the world contemplate moving forward with some kind of minimum income guarantee. While the NDP’s DiNovo is very supportive of the ... Read More »

New Leaf co-founder aims to help homeless and sees parallels with Basic Income

In 2015 Claire Williams left her career behind in Vancouver to volunteer at an orphanage in India. When she returned to Vancouver six months later, the issue of homelessness in her city preoccupied her. She wanted to make a lasting impact in the lives of others. With her co-founder, Frans Tjallingii, the New Leaf Project was born. New Leaf is ... Read More »

The Basic Income ‘What’s in it for me’ Series: Business owners

In this series, we examine the value of a basic income guarantee to various sectors of society. In today’s column, we look at three reasons why it’s a great policy idea for business owners. A basic income should be Canada’s next great social program. If you are a business owner, there are many reasons to support a basic income guarantee. ... Read More »

Combatting child poverty begins with helping parents

On Christmas Eve I attended the evening service at St. Andrew’s Church at the corner of King Street West and Simcoe Streets in Toronto. It’s a beautiful church with an impressive choir. That evening the minister reflected on how very little life has changed over the past 2,000 years — how we are still primarily concerned about being able to provide for our ... Read More »