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Statues of all 22 of Canada’s PMs proposed for Kitchener park

It’s an unbroken line of public service, stretching from Sir John A. Macdonald to Stephen Harper.  These 21 men and one woman have all occupied the highest office in the land as prime minister — and a Kitchener group aims to celebrate their leadership through 22, life-sized statues created in their image. The statues are proposed for Victoria Park, the ... Read More »

New organization recruits Paul Martin in high seas role

From the time he set foot on a fishing boat in Lake Erie as a youth to take on his first job, former Prime Minister Paul Martin has always felt a special connection with the water. When he was in university, he would later become a deckhand for the summer on a tug-barge, travelling the Northwest Territories along the Mackenzie ... Read More »

Michael Meighen recalls the formidable man who was twice Canada’s Prime Minister

Retired senator reflects on his grandfather, former Prime Minister Arthur Meighen     “I have spent 60 years of my life watching Parliament and I have had the privilege of knowing every Canadian Prime Minister from Sir Wilfrid Laurier to Mr. Trudeau. And I say here without the least qualification that in intellectual grandeur, Meighen had no superior in Parliament, ... Read More »