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Prominent Leaders Launch Initiative to Unite Canada’s Indigenous and Other Peoples in New Partnership

Well-known figures from a cross section of political, cultural and economic backgrounds have joined forces in a common cause to strengthen Canada through the creation of a new partnership between Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. Canadians for a New Partnership (CFNP) was formally launched at a Declaration-signing ceremony this week attended by two former prime ministers, indigenous leaders, a former ... Read More »

Mulroney’s Achievements Will Stand the Test of Time

It is a good time to be Brian Mulroney. Now 75, and 30 years to the day since he was elected prime minister, he is in excellent health, busy with grandchildren and beginning to enjoy the dispassionate reviews of history on his leadership. In political retirement he’s been named Canada’s Greenest Prime Minister, came second to Lester B. Pearson in ... Read More »

Leaders and Legacies’ Top 5 Prime Ministers in Oratory, Debate

Canada has had some exceptional orators and debaters in its prime ministerial history. Here’s the Leaders and Legacies Top 5. Wilfrid Laurier In Office: July 1896 – October 1911 Wilfrid Laurier’s passionate defence of Louis Riel in 1885 made the Liberal Party stand up and take note of the silver-tongued French Canadian who was as equally comfortable in English as he ... Read More »

Former PM Brian Mulroney’s Foreword to Young John A. Macdonald Book

Publisher’s note: This foreword written by the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney appears in The Legends of Lake on the Mountain: An Early Adventure of John A. Macdonald. This award-wining historical fiction book published by Fireside Publishing House about Macdonald as a 13-year-old in the Picton area of Ontario will be reprinted this fall in celebration of Macdonald’s 200th birthday.   Foreword by ... Read More »

Former PM Wants to Promote Latest Thinking on Leadership, Experiential Learning at Peter Lougheed College

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell has made a name for herself around the world in issues related to democracy, governance, leadership, and global politics. Now she has a chance to showcase her formidable skills at home with her recent appointment as founding principal of Peter Lougheed Leadership College. Ms. Campbell says she is excited to take this challenge on, given ... Read More »

Former PM Kim Campbell Sees Value in a Canadian Prime Ministers Club

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell says working with other Canadian prime ministers makes sense to her, in the cause of helping others. This echoes comments made to Leaders and Legacies from former Prime Ministers Paul Martin and John Turner. Since she left office in 1993, Ms. Campbell notes there “have been several times I’ve been asked to join other prime ... Read More »

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell says free trade with EU could have strengthened Ukraine’s democracy

Canada’s 19th prime minister says a free trade agreement between Ukraine and the European Union could have strengthened its democratic institutions and sped up much needed reforms. Now, as the beleaguered nation is increasingly under threat from Russian President Vladimir Putin, former Prime Minister Kim Campbell says it’s clear that Ukraine had not yet made the transition to a full democracy. ... Read More »

New Canada Conference Aims to Reimagine Canada and its Future

To mark the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference, the organization ‘PEI 2014’ is calling on 100 Canadian young adults to gather in Charlottetown this fall to reimagine their country’s future. In 1864, 23 delegates from four British colonies met in Charlottetown to discuss an audacious idea: creating a new political union that would tie the fortunes of these colonies ... Read More »

Great Canadian Speeches: Wilfrid Laurier’s Eulogy of John A. Macdonald

One of the most moving speeches from Canada’s history involves its two greatest prime ministers, Conservative John A. Macdonald and Liberal Wilfrid Laurier. After Macdonald died on June 6, 1891, his great opponent, Laurier, spoke in Parliament with his trademark eloquence about the passing of Canada’s first prime minister. Leaders and Legacies thanks Richard Gwyn, author of ‘Nation Maker: Sir John A. Macdonald – ... Read More »

Mulroney to speak in Calgary on behalf of children’s charity

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney will speak at the SOS Children’s Villages Leadership Luncheon on September 12. At the luncheon, Calgary’s business leaders and the public will hear Mr. Mulroney speak on “Leadership in Uncertain Times.” Mike Jackson, Managing Director of Scotia Capital and a Board Director for SOS Children’s Villages says, “This event provides the leadership of Calgary’s business ... Read More »