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PEI MPs should cooperate to ensure basic income becomes reality

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come, and a basic income guarantee’s time has come. A basic income guarantee is a simple policy that is popular across the political spectrum. Libertarians and conservatives like the idea because it would be straightforward to administer, meaning less bureaucracy and opening the door for smaller government. On the left, ... Read More »

A time to strengthen rights in Canada

For the first time in almost a decade, Canadians woke up last month with someone other than Stephen Harper as prime minister. The new prime minister-designate with his freshly minted majority government was Justin Trudeau, son of Harper’s nemesis Pierre Trudeau. For progressives, this result was not only welcome but a great relief. The Harper government was not an ally ... Read More »

Enough fear, poverty, and bureaucracy: Well-known U.S. advocate says basic income is the answer

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Scott Santens, one of the leading American voices for basic income policy. The New Orleans-based writer is an advocate of basic income for all people and he serves as moderator of the BasicIncome community on Reddit. Benns: The very notion of a basic income guarantee frightens a lot of people, particularly in western societies like Canada and ... Read More »

Food Banks Canada calls for basic income policy

Food Banks Canada is the latest national organization to call for a basic income guarantee for Canadians. Writing in their latest Hungercount 2015 report just released, the group says the time has come for the provinces and territories “to dismantle what has become an understaffed, stressed, and ineffective bureaucratic system that hurts more than it helps.” Food Banks Canada notes ... Read More »

Segal inspires basic income advocates in Kingston and says he has ‘never been more optimistic’

Retired Conservative Senator Hugh Segal energized about 50 Ontario advocates of a basic income guarantee on Saturday who were looking for inspiration and advice from one of the great leaders of the movement. Segal didn’t disappoint, bringing his trademark humour and optimism in support of a cause he has championed for 40 years. He says a “confluence of events” has ... Read More »

Prime Minister Trudeau instructs minister to commit to poverty relief as top priority

Canada Without Poverty (CWP) is encouraged to see that Prime Minister Trudeau has instructed the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Jean-Yves Duclos, to commit to the relief of poverty on a national scale as a top priority of his mandate. The creation and implementation of the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy will be a crucial step in ensuring that the ... Read More »

Economics professor says evidence shows basic income grants used responsibly

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Robin Boadway, a retired economics professor. Boadway studied economics at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship. He has his doctorate in economics from Queen’s University in Kingston. Benns: How did you come to be involved in this issue? Boadway: I spent my academic career as a public finance economist studying optimal policies for achieving a just ... Read More »

Kingston woman says Canada spends more money managing poverty than it would cost to eliminate it

Roderick Benns recently interviewed Tara Kainer, a long-time anti-poverty advocate, about basic income guarantee policy. Tara Kainer grew up talking about social justice issues around the dinner table. In the 1950s, when she was a small child, her family lived in Tennessee where segregation was still in place and poverty, especially in the rural areas, was extreme. Because her mother ... Read More »

It’s time for Canada to close the digital divide

The only way Kelly can afford internet access at home is to take money out of her food budget. Like so many urban, low-income Canadians, she struggles to afford access to a service that is essential to education, employment and government services. If she could get internet access at home for $10 per month, Kelly explains, “[she] would buy healthier ... Read More »

Basic income should be a core value, like health care: Michael Clague

Michael Clague grew up as a middle class boy in Vancouver, B.C. in the 1940s. He was fortunate, he says, because he never had to experience poverty firsthand. Given that his father was a school principal in an east Vancouver school, though, he did encounter a number of people who came from families with low incomes. But it wasn’t until ... Read More »