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Christmas wish list – end child poverty in Canada

It’s the season for Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa! A time for family, friends, special foods, gifts, lights and celebrations.  The time of year children wait for all year long.  This is also a time when the divide between those who have and have not seems greatest. Those who have, give to the food bank, mitten tree, coat and toy drives. We give ... Read More »

Seeking Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper once joked that even his friends don’t like him. Despite his having been prime minister for nearly a decade, Mr. Harper left the public stage as much an enigma as when he first strode upon and then commanded it. With his legacy now being written, perhaps the best way to seek an understanding of a man who was ... Read More »

Quality teaching in a digital world

In an unprecedented digital age, there is a popular misconception that technology is a threat to our classrooms because it is finding a way to replace the need for good teaching. There is a sense that the need for personal teacher interaction will be reduced, given that young people hold in their hands vast warehouses of information, via their smart ... Read More »

Why the Liberals should institute a basic income guarantee

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave his ministers their marching orders shortly after taking office, he instructed Families, Children and Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos to make relieving poverty on a national scale a top priority. But did he mean for that to eventually take the form of a basic income guarantee? A basic income guarantee is known by many ... Read More »

It’s time for Canada to close the digital divide

The only way Kelly can afford internet access at home is to take money out of her food budget. Like so many urban, low-income Canadians, she struggles to afford access to a service that is essential to education, employment and government services. If she could get internet access at home for $10 per month, Kelly explains, “[she] would buy healthier ... Read More »

Calgary, Edmonton and P.E.I. ready to host basic income projects

Trying to support a family while holding down several part-time jobs. Accepting short-term contracts without benefits. Working full time but earning wages so low your annual income falls below the poverty line. Trying to survive month to month on inadequate unemployment insurance or social assistance payments. This is what life is like for many Canadians. Unfortunately, the numbers of financially ... Read More »

It’s time to talk about a new vision for the economy

The federal leaders’ debate on the economy focused on important issues — jobs, deficits, infrastructure spending, pipelines, climate change — but no one talked about a different vision for Canada’s economy. What if we challenged our leaders to answer the dilemma posed by American journalist Charles Bowden: “Imagine the problem is that we cannot imagine a future where we possess ... Read More »

Five good questions to ask at the next leaders’ debate

Despite the length of the current Canadian federal election, there is not a lot of opportunity to ask questions of party leaders. Parties like to control the campaign discourse, and the debates focus on questions posed by the debate organizers and sponsors. But like many Canadians we have some questions here at Maytree. In fact, we think we have five ... Read More »