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Waterloo Region becomes largest municipality in Ontario to support basic income resolution

Waterloo Region in Ontario has become the largest municipality in Canada’s largest province to support the movement toward establishing a Basic Income Guarantee in Canada. The motion – which originated with Kingston City Council and was sent to all municipalities across Ontario – called for a national discussion on the issue, urging the provinces and federal government to work together ... Read More »

Ontario appoints basic income advocate, Hugh Segal, as special advisor

Ontario has appointed the Honourable Hugh Segal to provide advice on the design and implementation of a Basic Income Pilot in Ontario, as announced in the 2016 provincial budget. Basic income, or guaranteed annual income, is a payment to eligible families or individuals that ensures a minimum level of income. Ontario will design and implement a pilot program to test ... Read More »

FoodShare fights for social justice

FoodShare is a food hub that advocates for establishing sustainable, healthy, inclusive and resilient communities with equitable access to nutritious and culturally appropriate vegetables and fruits. It’s Canada’s largest food security charity, creating integrated solutions to end social injustices. Currently, FoodShare has over 24 food related programs which run the gamut from a volunteer operated referral service connecting community members ... Read More »

Getting the big things right within a Basic Income Guarantee

Andrew Coyne gets many things right about a basic income guarantee, writing this analysis for the National Post recently. He gets that a basic income would not replace social insurance programs like Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan. He also gets, albeit with undue pessimism, that the provinces need to be involved. He acknowledges that the level of the guaranteed annual ... Read More »

Let’s end the unhelpful micromanagement of people’s lives with basic income

Basic income is meant to end micromanagement of people’s lives. It removes all state control, distributing the income without conditions (apart from some residency requirement) and regardless of work status. Autonomy and dignity via freedom from state oversight are essential aspects of basic income design. While there are those who see a competition between basic income and livable wages, basic income ... Read More »

No need to sacrifice minimum wage for Basic Income

The corporate interests in our society are beginning to see the inevitability of Basic Income. They understand the potential it has to uncouple labour from their capital, which is the backbone of the system of ‘wage slavery.’ The corporate media will respond by pretending we are in a negotiation. They will try to convince us to give up the minimum ... Read More »

Liberals ready to shake up Canada’s social policy with basic income guarantee

The federal Liberals have voted to shake-up Canada’s social policy by moving toward a “minimum guaranteed income” model. At the party’s national convention just held in Winnipeg, the resolution states the party will, in consultation with the provinces, “develop a poverty reduction strategy aimed at providing a minimum guaranteed income.” Reaction from the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) was swift. ... Read More »

Brian Mulroney joins ‘human hologram’ media company as advisor

The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney has joined an innovative ‘human hologram’ company as an advisor, hoping to play a role in linking young Canadians with emerging technologies. ARHT Media Inc. creates HumaGrams™, believable and interactive human holograms. HumaGrams™ are generated using our patent-pending Augmented Reality Holographic Technology (ARHT™), which is a scalable, repeatable and transportable form of 3D without the ... Read More »