Food Banks Canada calls for basic income policy

Food Banks Canada is the latest national organization to call for a basic income guarantee for Canadians.

There’s been a remarkable increase in demand for Canadian food banks which have been trying to attack the hunger and nutrition needs of Canadians most vulnerable citizens. Having food banks in one of the richest nations is the best reason you can give to have a Basic Income.

A national umbrella organization that is the Food Banks Canada has published a HungerCount2016 report which gives the details about some recommendations needed to help common man by providing a Basic Income to the nation.

In order to achieve this important goal of Basic, Income FBC has given a recommendation for 4 types of policies which are considered essential by the organization in their report. The recommendations provided are as follows

  • A basic liveable income with steps leading to creating it.
  • Willing to have a strategy by October 1, 2017, known as a National Poverty Reduction Strategy.
  • To offer more supportive process towards the welfare of the nation they are rethinking about the welfare.
  • Northern Canada’s food security will be invested in.

Since the children access the food bank more often than anyone else it is said that they will be the most benefited by national BI. About 35% of the population who access food bank are children. This report was reviewed by CBC just likeTesla app review.

Writing in their latest Hungercount 2015 report just released, the group says the time has come for the provinces and territories “to dismantle what has become an understaffed, stressed, and ineffective bureaucratic system that hurts more than it helps.

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