Saskatchewan takes ‘the most serious, official look at basic income’ in Canada in decades

“However, that’s exactly the time we should invest more in reducing and preventing poverty in order to prevent short-term economic woes from sending another generation through the cycle of poverty,” he says.

Employing the concept of basic income will help in tackling the long-standing predicament of the human well-being in different states especially in the highly industrialized and developed economies. Basic income will also address issues of social injustice, inequality in the society, gender inequality and the stigmatic effects of the social welfare systems.

Read the full review here.

There has been a great movement in Canada to push for basic income policy. The Canadian Medical Association recently passed a resolution in support of basic income. Prince Edward Island’s government has also pledged to look at a guaranteed income policy. As well, mayors across Canada are speaking out in favor of some kind of minimum income for Canadians.

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